Michigan native, Deshun Howard, moved to the Tampa area in the summer of 2006, seeking the warmth and beauty that Florida offers after spending several years singing backup and opening for other musicians up north. Deshun learned to sing in church from a young age, and this raw talent enabled him to be on stage with Shania Twain and open for musicians like R&B group 112, soul singer Frankie Beverly, and jazz artist Alexander Zonchik, to name a few. Although these experiences were exciting, Deshun felt God’s call to move in a different direction. He was led to create music that shares his own personal walk with Jesus and gives glory to God.

Deshun knew the only path that he could take was the one that led to God. He said, “Christ had to be the center of my life; there was no other way to go. When you’ve tried everything on your own and realize that you’ve never even passed go, you have two [choices]: stay there or let God.” With a clear vision for his musical future, Deshun went to work on his first EP, Roller Coaster, which was released in September of 2010. The five-song EP featured his radio single, “Why.” You may have heard it played on Spirit FM!

Deshun said, “I know my calling and I have a message and a mission to share with the world. At the end of the day, it’s not about the record sales; it’s about the souls we bring to Christ.” He explained that his songs were “geared toward the struggles of life,” but his latest album, Soul Muzik (which features the radio single “One and Only”), is “geared toward celebrating the victory of those struggles.” Deshun writes all his own music, and he explained that the inspiration comes from the Lord and how He brought him through all the trials and tribulations in his life.

“The overall message of my album, Soul Muzik, is to show appreciation and love to the One who showed His love for me, Jesus Christ! [I am] trying to give people a small testimony on how God has changed my life and still works in me today. [I’m] hoping and praying that someone will be able to hold on to something I say [and] that it will touch them in a way that they will realize He works in all of us, if we would just seek and believe,” Deshun said.

The sound of Deshun’s music is definitely unique, and Soul Muzik is not your average Christian album. The songs have a great beat, with a pop and soul vibe. If you’re looking for uplifting lyrics that offer music for the soul, you’ll enjoy this album. As always, we encourage you to support the local musical talent in the Bay area. Deshun’s EP and latest album are available on iTunes and Amazon Music for download. Deshun will have several concerts this year in the Tampa Bay area. Visit for upcoming dates.


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